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How Does My Smoking Impact My Ability to Buy Life Insurance?

All insurance companies will ask you if you have ever smoked or presently smoke on their applications, and most will also perform blood tests and physicals before granting you a policy. If you are a smoker, you will find that your insurance premiums are considerably higher than if you were a non-smoker. This is because life insurance companies have created a list of risk types that categorize people according to their risk of dying. The classes include super preferred, preferred, standard, etc. Those in the super preferred category are totally healthy and have not made any bad lifestyle choices. These people are given lower premiums since they are of smaller risk to die young. The premiums start to rise if your status is lower than supper preferred because you have a shorter life expectancy. Most Americans are classified as standard, but smokers are often placed in greater risk categories. These categories get more costly premiums.

If you try to lie about your nicotine use, you are misrepresenting your risk to the insurance company and thereby committing fraud. A life insurance policy comes with an "Incontestable Clause" that usually lasts for two years. It means the insurance company has at least two years after you buy the policy to contest any claim if you die from a condition you lied about on your application. Therefore, your policy will not pay out if the insurance company finds you were less than truthful about your nicotine use, and the payment of your premiums will all go for naught. This is a good reason to make healthier lifestyle choices well before you apply for life insurance.