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What is Burial Insurance?

Burial insurance is basically an extremely affordable whole life insurance policy that ensures your loved ones won't have to worry about spending money at a time when they are feeling burdened not only by grief, but by looming financial obligations. Such a policy, which can be purchased for one person or all family members, is used to pay burial and funeral costs and usually has a death benefit ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.

Getting burial insurance is not difficult--all it takes is answering a few questions about your health on an application, and there is no need for a medical exam. Also, you can pay your premiums on a monthly or weekly basis, and they are usually a small round figure, like $2 or $3 per week. The death benefit is based on what the premium will buy given the insured's age at the time the policy is taken out. For instance, for a 36 year-old man, a $3 per week premium could buy a $6,000 pay out, while a 9 year-old boy could get an $18,000 death benefit for the same premium. You can get burial insurance policy quotes online, or speak to your insurance broker about the coverage when you are discussing the purchase of other insurance products.