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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Life insurance is something that is important for you to have for your family. However, it can be hard to know what is the most appropriate life insurance policy for your needs. With many different options available in the marketplace, you want to get the amount of coverage that best supports your family after your death without bankrupting yourself during your life. Thus, how can you determine how much life insurance to buy?

A good place to start is with your current income. After all, this is the amount of money that your family is used to having available to cover the bills and meet living expenses. Since you know that it may be several years before anyone in your family would be able to make up your income if something happened to you, it is important to provide for your family during that time. Think of the number of years you would like to offer support to your family and take that times your annual income for one number to consider.

You will also want to consider your outstanding financial obligations. Do you have a mortgage or a business loan that you would need to cover' You will want to be sure that your family doesn't lose their home and that they don't need to do an emergency liquidation of the business to cover your operating loans or building debts. Thus, you will want to total up all of your outstanding debt obligations to add into your life insurance coverage needs.

After income and debts, you will want to plan for any major upcoming expenses. If you have children that want to go to college, or an elderly parent living with you that might need advanced medical care, you will want to factor some of these expenses into your total. Look at the average cost of four years of college or the cost of three to five years of good nursing care to ensure there are funds for these items for your family.

Adding together your income, debts, and upcoming expenses, you will have a good ballpark figure to begin with for getting life insurance quotes. Rather than picking a number out of thin air, you will get a number that represents that amount of coverage you truly need. This will make you a smarter consumer and help you rest assured that you have purchased exactly what you need with your life insurance coverage.